Beautiful Love Poem in English

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Love Means

I will stop the time and take it where we met first.
I want to watch thousand sunrises with you and
Want to watch thousand sunsets with you,
Will fall down a thousand times to lift you up.
Will cry thousand times to make you smile.

I will walk on the burning memories, so that you can enjoy the present,
Will be lyrics to your song you will never write.
I will let my heart bleed,
so that your heart can be filled with more and more and just love.
If love means, letting you go, then I will let you go.

Because you are my only song, you are my only story,
If love means that I should go, then I will go.
You are my thousand sunrises, you are the dream to my nightmares,
You are the sound to my silence.
If love means, that I should let you go, then I will let you go.

Never-settle-for-the-love-you-begged-for-STATUS-DAIRYNever settle for the love you begged for..!

I can’t help wondering if you could ever love me naturally.
Nothing last’s forever,
Oh love, it faints, it dies.
Our echoes roll from soul to soul,
And grows together forever.

I yelled to myself: I will never let you go,
I said there is no reason for my fear cause
felt so secure when we were together.
You gave my life direction.

We had such happiness together,
I can’t believe it’s all gone forever

Those lights of love have faded,
Though dimmed so long with secret pain.
The love i sincerely begged for,
Oh! you know you can’t hide it forever,
And no, I won’t ever settle for less, no compromise, not even a little.

: Peaches

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