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How dare you wipe your eyes,
For all the tears I cried
And for all my restless days
You tell people YOU suffered
I walked on thorns seeking a way
To join the strings you cut
And there hasn’t been a day
I lost hope and gave up

Past those hills you said was no land
I even made the journey barefoot
Against the scorch and the wind
Mustering all the energy I could
It never occurred to me that I was
Heading a dead end , watering a stone

Volunteered to get lost in a maze
Trying to fix everything alone
I never stopped believing
With tierd eyes and bleeding feet
Hopefully I kept on walking

Towards those far hills
I found the land I knew existed
After all the torture I endured
It wasn’t a desert as you said
The only setback in my plan

Is I came all the way alone

You were never on the journey from the start
So, don’t go around seeking people’s pity
Trying to look like a saint
You don’t have a scratch
All the scars are on me.

Need you – POEM

Need you
It’s been a long time
I am just here counting
How long how it been
I slept a wink all nights
After our last talk

I am not fine
Who will break the silence?
I trust my happiness
Will be back if it happens
Are you gonna come tonight

I need a hug so tight
I miss you I can’t resist
wanna call, I am tongue-tied
I wanna text, don’t know what to write

wanna come, my guts betrayed me
I wanna say it all, pride caught me
It’s been a long time
I am so fragile and needs you

HUNN❤️ Yohana


An old lady

An old lady with her glimmering eyes,
sitting in a broken window with a lantern…
Remind me of the days when I was a jolly
child having no care of the days and the nights ..
Similarly, the old lady free of thought free of worries, care and grieves…
Sitting calm and patient..
Ah those childhood holly days and Serene nights …
All those vanished and disappeared and have gone into the unseen world…

: Fardan

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