Imperfect New Poem in English

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Perfect Picture Imperfect

A scenario where the sun is smiling so bright
Never seem sad or melancholic
That was her likes indeed

A flower so beautiful
It looked surreal
Attracting bees to her dome
A character right out of a book
So colorful radiating with delight

A strange drawing
Luring yet chasing
A muse of art
Inspirational sight
The complexity of the mystery
Fogged by the smog of hypocrisy
Practiced smile
Achieved in mastery

A glee unwavering
Strong blocks of brick
The sound of laughter unique
Ushering upon the singing birds

A stranger wonders
Searching in blunder
A shuddering breathe out
An unpredictable step forward
A trashed past left behind
A new page opened
Entering the adventure
Bangs cleared out of the way
Gaze scrutinize in the dark
Guard down, loose ends
One wall down, another destroyed

The mirage erased, null
The illusion discard,non-existing
The truth unfolds, the lies unveiled
The flower in clear, out of the cover concealed
Naked in glory, mask in mockery

The stem of dilemma, the threshold of pain
Thorn of insecurities stuck up its vein
Roots of emotions, sincere and raw
Holding on the soil of solid flaws
Lost is the confidence once
In hope of true happiness

An abstract concept
Of a twisted reality
A nonsensical sensitive kryptonite
A longing glint of a lone tear
A diamond looking notion
A blue paint of ocean
A perfect picture imperfect.

My soul is tired and gray and spent: English Poem

My soul is tired and gray and spent
It’s like I’m sixty but I’m just sixteen
Never been a mess like now
Never felt lost like now
Why I can’t find myself then feel alive?
Why I can’t feel like I have any life?
I don’t belong to one or two kinds?
Why do I think everything’s in god’s mind?

My father comes to me
and told a big truth.

Son all you need is a puzzy.
Son all you need is a big puzzy.
Just make you a handjob.
Just make you a sweet handjob.

How can I race when I don’t know my offset?
and can decide when I feel so upset?
How many nights gonna turn to morning scared?
How many hours take to stop my illusion?

Give me a remedy to keep away
Without pass away

Son all you need is a puzzy.
Son all you need is a big puzzy.
Just make you a handjob.
Just make you a sweet handjob.


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