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perfection-status-dairyPerfection! – Latest English poem

I see you through the looking glass!
Graciously your perfect reflection reflects right into my hart!
I have to blink twice to make sure, because
think that this must be a dream that I’m a part of!
I double-check again to make absolute!

You are not just an imaginative figment in the dark!
But true to be! There you stand!
You bring the beauty that outshines the dark by far!
The world grows silent! Time stands still!
I freeze your image into my subconscious mind!

I take my time to look you over, not for a moment unfreezing time!
You are a work of art! A masterpiece!
That’ will forever be with me in chime!
For you ill be just who you want me to be, even if its a crime!

You look at me! My heart stands still and skips a beat as you smile real bright!
Life to me just became heavenly as your presence is a glorious sight!
Then I freeze as you point to me! Your finger with magnetic might!
Pulling me so subconsciously! Lurking me to your delight!

The night embraces two souls! Two hearts that fuse to one!
Passion fills the night with lust till the night will bring the sun!
And when the morning brings the birds to acknowledge the day have begun!
Two hearts that fused through passion and love will be witness to life’s song!

: Theuns De Bruyn

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