A Beautiful English Poem for My Sister

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We are like the two roads in the yellow wood
I wish, I could take both
Travel mine and yours all the way
Help you quench your thirst in the hot sun
Give you a warm coat when it snows

Watch you grow into a fine lady
But as with all the mysteries of life
We have to decide our own paths
Be bearers of our own faults
And lone travelers we will be

When the storm comes and it finds your eyes
Filled with tears,
I will wipe them, give you a shoulder to cry
When life punches you in your face
Like you did to me the other day.

I will help you up your feet
You are my little baby sister
Despite our differences
I will always be there for you.

: Memo


My Essence

In front of me is a cream painted wall
All my attention on the tiny black hole
That is on the wall…able to be seen
I can feel my belly moving


The serenity and relaxation I feel
Pays its bill
And fills me with the thrill
That is a chill pill.

I am incredibly mesmerized
After I began to realize
How much more life can offer
If I don’t hover
Like a hungry rover.

My mental abilities have been narrowed down
To letters of the alphabet
And I honestly feel down
Every night I frown

About not living past my limits.
Can you think of anything not associated with letters?
Haha! Confused? My mind in tatters
All and sundry are after the plenty
Plenty of everything

But when will it ever be enough? Never, to infinity
Numbers are for eternity
Here I am. I just can’t stop thinking
Letters and numbers are just a minor glim
Just a piece of the whole spectrum

Now I’m in need of an ultimatum
To discover the major side of the spectrum
I’m aware it may be slow
But I’m eager to glow

This is not a foul
Deep inside my soul
This will be my goal
It is my essence
I hope it makes sense.


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