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jealousy-poem-status-dairyPOEM ON JEALOUSY

It was the most important year in college
And halfway during it, I got really sick.
I stayed at home and disappeared all
Of a sudden but I never received a call.

I thought about going to college with my
Best friend was like- a dream come true.
Since in school life, we attended two rival
Academies, we scored 1st & 2nd always.

I was wrong, she never asked me how
I’m doing, or am I even alive? that’s fine!
Maybe she was busy and forgot about me.
Then something happens, I slowly recovered.

I decided I would join once again even if
I missed half & all important stuff but
There was still hope and so I thought to
Surprise her and all our less-close classmates.

As soon as I approached the 4th floor I was
So tired cause the elevator wasn’t working,
I had to take the stairs all the way up which
You see is not healthy for a sick human.

Biology laboratory on 4th floor and
Our classmates were leaving after class-
Suddenly I got tight hug by an unexpected girl
‘Angela’ happier to see me than I was!

Couldn’t believe that all teachers asked me
In detail about illness and they sounded so
Concerned about me, I was a good student as
Far as I remember but was shy to answer.

Reached our classroom, 5th floor, fresh as
Usual, all the girls looked in my direction…
They were about to give big reactions but
Our physics teacher approaches inside.

When the break finally arrived, each and every
Girl in our class came up to me and talked
Softly and concerned, it melted my heart,
Teared me up, realized I was getting attention.

Slowly peeked over my bestie, she was surely
Sitting with me but I could read all her mind.
As if someone snatched her toy or something
That was the moment I knew what’s going on.

She was not the only friend who came from
Our school, there was one more girl and
Wasn’t treating me like that, she too asked
In detail about my health stuff, but I knew it.

I knew that she’s jealous of me and next
Day her prayers got accepted, I got sick again,
The year got wasted and everyone got ahead
Of me and I struggled hard, kept falling since then.

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At first wish you all, Happy Mothers Day.

As we all know, every year the second Sunday of May month is celebrated as Mother’s Day. Mother means “Maa” is the strongest word in the world. Maa is the first friend as well as the first teacher in life. Therefore, it is a way to celebrate Mother’s Day to acknowledge everything. So, here are some poems and quotes that really attach your heart. You could share with your mother to share your feelings by wishes:

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(Mothers Day Special)

O’ Mother

Seasons come and go by
as an unpaid laborer, making no sign
embroider of the decoupaged home, I swear
O’ mother, you take my breath away.
Trendy, hip hop fancy world
how cruel, you haven’t altered
Even Bollywood mothers have changed
in the real world, you remain the same.
An epitome of selfless love and sacrifice
making a cure for others,
when your own nose is running high;
Truly, your indomitable spirit cannot be a river.
When you come in the ring
there is no one like you, queenly king
when you set afoot in space
admiration is the only word left
Crown of the world
without you, the world seems fumbled.

: Opium

mothers day images status dairy

My Mom

Your hair is not pretty anymore, as it used to be
eyes can’t recall people anymore,  when you see
Your face doesn’t lit up anymore with glee
Your pain is unbearable, near your knee
Still working day and night without any fee
The reason behind all this is me
And, I can’t even make you a cup of tea
Oh mother, I know I don’t deserve thee.


Maa Papa pr kya hum likh payenge … Hindi poem on mother-father

Maa, parivar ko sambhalti he
Papa pura ghar sambhalte he😂

Yaad aata he wo din
Aur mann khus ho jata he
wo pal phir se jina he
Kyu bita hua kal fir se nhi aata he??

Maa ka anchal pakad
Hum unke piche piche dauda karte the
Kehtey he log ki hum unhe bahut tang kiya krte the😂

Roti bnate hue shaam me
Wo hume a,b,c,d aur 1,2,3,4 padhati thi
aana kani krne par,
Wo garm chammach se darati thi😂😂
Papa jb bhi gussa karte,
Unke prakop se bachati thi
rone lagte agar kbhi,
to wahi chup karati thi

Jab bhi zarurat ho paiso ki
Papa ko kanha keh pate he
unhe manane ke liye bhi
Maa ko hi ghat banate he😂

Jab bhi jaye dur ghr se
Maa rone si lagti he
jaldi waapas aana
ye baat kehne lagti he

Maa papa pr kya hum likh payenge
Unka jivan hi ek sangharsh he
Unke bachhe achhe kabil insaan bn jaye
Unke liye ye sabse bada harsh he..


Mothers Day Special

Mother is not just a person but the first word that any child speaks in his/her life. She takes care of each and every thing we need and want.

Her heart is so big that if she has a cake left after her child has eaten one and if he/she wants the other too. She would give it to her child without having a single bite of it.

The meaning of mother can’t be explained in words. She wakes up early in the morning before us to prepare for the school.

She prepares and serves the breakfast so that we don’t go hungry and in doing so she remains hungry for at least an hour. Does all this with pure love for her children without any selfishness.

She never asks anything in return for all that she does for us. She never says no for any job and when she comes to rest after finishing all her works and ask for a glass of water, we simply ignore it.

We have mothers, so we don’t care about them but those who don’t have mother, they really understand importance of having a mother.

So it’s my gentle request to all of you. Please respect your mother and help in all possible way because you are very lucky if you have a mother.



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Sad English poems collection

Read new sad English poems collection related to alone & broken poem. You can feel the lines. Our experience poets write it with different literature and quote collection. Update your fb story, status from our latest 2020 top sad poems collection. If you really like these, share it with your friends.


Glamorous time
Boundless laughter
Clear mind
Discover together
Walk around
Joke in everything
Break low for easy stuff
Plan a lot of firm hard times
Trust loaded
Lie on your shoulders
Mind own business
No boundaries
We HAD that!


lets-take-that-friendship-for-life-status-dairyLet’s take that friendship for life

Who has this
Can we not shift?

Eyes crying
Giggling into sadness
Faith to questions
Plans canceled
Closed talks
Blocked calls
Sad Thoughts
Stuck into memories
Lack of confidence
We have that!

broken-status-dairyBroken ..!

All the way gazing at the ceiling
Lost in the bewildered nocturnal feeling
Telling yourself to hold onto every breath
And paving your way to make your body wreathe
Beside you, lies my heart
That was once mended and now broken apart.

rich-or-poor-status-dairyRich or poor ..! : Sad poems

Rulers have power-
they’d uproot the mountains.
Rich men have wealth-
they’d refill the openings
with diamonds.
Learned have knowledge-
they’d be sought for assistance.
But the masses have nothing
if they’re poor and illiterate.

i-was-not-wrong-status-dairyI was not wrong ..! : Sad poems

You called to tell me that
You made a mistake
But that was something I knew
Deep down I know this never works
We’ve been through this not once
You staying would be a nightmare.

I tried ..!

I tried giving my all
Now, here it comes
The hardest part of all…
Unchain my heart that holding on
Being away from you is my now desire

I wouldn’t say you were a doll
You demanded a god’s treatment

: Yamemwagika Hayazoleki

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