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Read new sad English poems collection related to alone & broken poem. You can feel the lines. Our experience poets write it with different literature and quote collection. Update your fb story, status from our latest 2020 top sad poems collection. If you really like these, share it with your friends.


Glamorous time
Boundless laughter
Clear mind
Discover together
Walk around
Joke in everything
Break low for easy stuff
Plan a lot of firm hard times
Trust loaded
Lie on your shoulders
Mind own business
No boundaries
We HAD that!


lets-take-that-friendship-for-life-status-dairyLet’s take that friendship for life

Who has this
Can we not shift?

Eyes crying
Giggling into sadness
Faith to questions
Plans canceled
Closed talks
Blocked calls
Sad Thoughts
Stuck into memories
Lack of confidence
We have that!

broken-status-dairyBroken ..!

All the way gazing at the ceiling
Lost in the bewildered nocturnal feeling
Telling yourself to hold onto every breath
And paving your way to make your body wreathe
Beside you, lies my heart
That was once mended and now broken apart.

rich-or-poor-status-dairyRich or poor ..! : Sad poems

Rulers have power-
they’d uproot the mountains.
Rich men have wealth-
they’d refill the openings
with diamonds.
Learned have knowledge-
they’d be sought for assistance.
But the masses have nothing
if they’re poor and illiterate.

i-was-not-wrong-status-dairyI was not wrong ..! : Sad poems

You called to tell me that
You made a mistake
But that was something I knew
Deep down I know this never works
We’ve been through this not once
You staying would be a nightmare.

I tried ..!

I tried giving my all
Now, here it comes
The hardest part of all…
Unchain my heart that holding on
Being away from you is my now desire

I wouldn’t say you were a doll
You demanded a god’s treatment

: Yamemwagika Hayazoleki

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