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Humans seek for power-
that could uproot
all mountains

Humans seek for wealth-
that’d fill the openings
with diamonds

Humans seek for knowledge-
that could be used
in both actions.

Live could still have been peaceful
If not for their crave
for top ranking
Creating a vie so cruel-
souls are being forced out
of their bodies.

But, these wishes are distractions
they are not worth man’s effort.

The burning flame

A kindle of fire warm at first
My flammable edges catch to it
The spark slightly run up the fabric
Rippling movements patterned and sleek

The sharp feeling of a singed flesh
So, I try to follow my adrenaline rush
My mind keeps registering the voices
“Run and roll you are up in flames”
But, it seems yet i get the feeling

The pain could be my freedom’s sealing
I’m consumed, I’m ablaze
I’m one with the searing flare
The moment of the burning flame
Died out as it came

Now, I’m but a smooth cinder
Following the usual manner
I await still my heart anticipates
To be a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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