World Environment Day 2020


world environment day 2020

world environment day 2020: When we hear the word environment we generally think of plants, animals, and forests but there is a broader concept to this.

Environment means our immediate surroundings of living and non-living things together.

On  environment day (5 June) every year we generally praise the natural environment for giving all the essentials to survive on the earth,

by celebrating World Environment day we thank mother-nature.

Acc. to United Nations states that “World Environment Day provides opportunities,

awareness and responsibility for preserving and enhancing the environment.

It was started by the United Nations in the year 1972.

In the year 1974 the 1st theme was “only one earth” and was hosted by U.S.A stating that we have limited

resources and have to optimize the use of any natural resources which is non-renewable nature.

From there every year a theme is selected reflecting a particular type of environmental problem and people try to overcome those by raising funds, awareness campaigns, and so on.


Day by day we people are getting more inclined towards the artificial environment to survive and fill up our

basic essentials, World environment day revives the thought of protecting our mother-nature and encourages

us to do the right thing in conserving our mother nature who gives us all answers to survive even before

there was no artificial environment present.

How much important is our natural environment is can’t be expressed in few words but here are

some data related to this sentence:-

  1. 40% of the world’s oxygen is made by forests
  2. 50% of chemical medicines are obtained from the natural environment
  3. 100% of our food is provided by natural resources (food chain)
  4. Reduces the C02 and other harmful gases present in the atmosphere
  5. Reduces temp. of the atmosphere by absorbing the heat from the sun

and many more.

world environment day 2020
World environment day images 2020
World environment day image

some facts about World Environment Day

  • E.D has its own anthem
  • 100+ countries involved in W.E.D

World environment day 2020

2020 the year of a pandemic is a disaster for humans but a godsend for the natural environment

Air, water, and sound pollution have been drastically reduced.

This year theme of W.E.D is “BIODIVERSITY- it’s time for nature” hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany decided by U.N.E.P

world environment day 2020

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